Service Cloud QuickStart Package

This package is for you who already have a Salesforce Service cloud account or you are considering to buy Salesforce Service cloud license and want to go live as smooth as possible. Either way, Sycorax Systems is able to help your business grow!

Your Start Package will include the basic technical setup like: lead, contact, account, case configuration, report and dashboard, web to case, email to case, activities and data migration. Before starting up, we will have a scope session where we will agree upon the right solution for your company.  Below we have made a Service cloud Start Package that will be enough for most companies to take advantage of Service cloud.

Discovery Session

Using a structured agenda, our consultants will facilitate a requirements gathering session to quickly learn how your business markets and service. We’ll uncover what information you’d like to track in Salesforce as well as how your team interacts with customers and prospective clients. Lastly we’ll capture requirements around how you want to measure your business so that Salesforce is able to track your success though reports and dashboards.

6 hours are allocated for discovery session. Configuration

Once we’ve learned your vision, our consultants will then configure Salesforce to support your selling methodology while making it quick and easy for your users to enter and update records. We’ll sweat the details to make sure that Salesforce is optimized to provide your users the best experience possible. If we can reduce frustration and make their job easier – you’ll have adoption and a great return on your CRM investment. That’s our goal.

A QuickStart implementation includes configuration of the following CRM components:

  • A business process review focused around the service department processes to identify the needs of the system and the best process.
  • Case tracking (aka support tickets)
  • Case Assignment Rules (standard use/functionality available)
  • Configure Email to Case so you can have emails sent to something like will create a case automatically.
  • Web to Case webform configuration to embed on your website.
  • Escalation Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Customize fields to meet your needs.  Assuming basic customizations of standard fields like Case Status, Case Types, and a few custom fields needed unique to your company.
  • Modify Page Layouts so they make sense for your process.  Page layouts organize the fields on the fields the way they are displayed when looking at a record.
  • Knowledge Base or Solutions to be setup.
  • Configure Service Cloud Console with the layouts/records needed for your process
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Development of a Standard Operating Procedure document that outlines how to perform your process in Salesforce.


20 hours are allocated for configuration.

Configuration Review Meeting

At this milestone meeting we will present the configuration for your review and feedback. At this stage we’ll have Salesforce 90% configured, but final changes can still be incorporated as needed. We’ll demonstrate how your team will work in the Service Cloud – managing information and tracking interactions with your customers.

3 hours are allocated for configuration meeting.

Reports and Dashboards

As a business manager, visibility to your company’s data is critical. You need to know the health of your service , trends of cases created, case resolution time, case closed and case distribution by type, priority etc. Once the configuration has been completed, we’ll configure two dashboards comprised of 12 custom reports.

8 hours are allocated for report and dashboard.

Training and Support

We will train you on how to navigate Service cloud and its relation to servicing clients. We’ll cover key concepts, how Salesforce manages data, and best practices on quickly finding, creating and updating records. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and services.

We suggest budgeting 3 hours for this training, the remaining as well as for questions / support. However, we can give additional training for other related topics. Training and support hours may be increased as desired.

8 hours are allocated for training and support

Service Cloud Implementation Delivered As:

  • 45 hours – Guided Quick Start where you will be able to become a Service Cloud expert during the process.
  • Managed implementation available at any desired time frame.


  • Total Hours (Managed) : 45
  • Contact us for pricing.