Social Studio QuickStart Package

Sycorax System’s Quick Start Implementation Packages are tailored to get our customers quickly start delivering ROI on their Social Studio investments. These implementations are performed by experienced consultants with the aim to assist budget-conscious organizations get up and rolling quickly on Social Studio CRM.

Discovery Session
Structured agenda based requirements gathering
Discuss your finalized goals for the Social Cloud (Social Studio), configuration plan for your social engagement process


Workspace Creation x 1
• Set up logical and central place to plan, publish and engage content.
• Add social accounts and relevant users to the workspace for better collaboration on set of shared resources, contents, social accounts, and calendars.

Topic Profiles x 2
Create topic profile comprised of keywords and filters where in the social media posts can be seen in engage columns used to monitor the content that has been posted to social accounts.
• Create labels for better tracking and analysis of profiles associated with.

Analyze Dashboard x 2
Post Report – Metrics for posts published during a specified time range. (Likes, Dislikes, Shares, Link Clicks, Feedback, Video Views, Retweets, Replies, Comments) on any one post.
• Specific social account report – which includes page level metrics like statistics for Fans, Feedback, Engaged Users, Paid Impressions, Total Page Views and user demographics like

Post Creation x 2
Create post content.
• Add images/videos, URL’s to route social traffic to relevant landing pages.
• Apply macros and Web Analytic Profiles to track link engagement

Creating Macros x 3
Engagement Macros – enabling us to select with one macro button and apply a variety of actions to multiple posts.
• Publishing Macros – enabling to process posts from the Publish calendar using a consistent workflow.
• Send to Salesforce macro – enabling us to assigning a post or group of posts to a selected Salesforce organization for further engagement.
• Validate and execute all macro processes created in system from social studio to salesforce CRM.

Engagement Setup x 1
Create engage columns to monitor replying to, commenting on, and sharing of published posts with other social network members.
• Create Post Inspector to organize information and view specifics of a post in engagement column.

Configuration Review & Updates
Presentation of the configuration for your review and feedback
Final changes can be incorporated
Demonstrate how your team will work on managing information and tracking interactions with your customers

Training Material
A MS PowerPoint training presentation will be created using screenshots from your configured Social Studio and archived inside your social cloud org for reference and training

End User Training Session
Up to 2 hrs. of virtual, interactive training session covering Social Studio key concepts, know how, best practices,  including administration, moderation, and user setup hands-on exercises etc.
Show your end users how Social Studio can make them more productive and successful – get their buy-in by sharing “WIFM” (what’s in it for me)
Provide hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption

Complimentary Inclusions
Q & A Session
Future Value Add – A document listing additional Social Studio features that can add value to your business

Marketing cloud implementation delivered as:
– 21 days guided QuickStart where you become a Social Studio expert during the process.

– Managed implementation on any time frame you would like.

Total Hours: – 60

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