Salesforce Integration

ERP integration
ERP integration with Salesforce brings an alignment between your sales and resource management processes.

Marketing automation integration
Sales and marketing alignment starts with easy information exchange between both teams. Integrating the CRM and marketing systems, you get reengagement of cold leads, established lead nurturing, a transparent influence of the marketing campaigns on sales, and a consistent customer experience.

Social Media integration
To deliver personalized customer experience, a company has to keep on top of customers’ news and thoughts. Integration of social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, allows sales reps to track prospects’ social activities, as well as increases visibility into social channels performance.

CTI integration
ScienceSoft can assist in connecting third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce or activating the platform’s CTI toolkit to let you raise sales, as well as boost service quality and speed.

Email integration
Sycorax Systems team can assist you with Salesforce integrations with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, as well as with other email clients (including Gmail).

How Sycorax Systems Can Help You:

  • Comprehensive analysis of business requirements and software.
  • Integration roadmap design.
  • Integration solution development and implementation.
  • Integration quality assurance.
  • Post-delivery support and maintenance.