Salesforce Sales Cloud

To be the best, you need the best technology and process. Inefficient processes not only harm sales, but decrease the productivity of the company as a whole. Majority of sales professionals believe that ‘excessive administrative tasks’ is one of the biggest challenges they face. On top of that, majority of the working hours in a week of a sales rep are spent on activities not related to sales.

To meet the increasingly changing demands of today’s informed customers, sales representatives must be equipped with capabilities at least as good as those of their customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers your sales team, so that they can focus on just sale, and perform better. SFDC Sales Cloud equips your sales representatives with capabilities required to stand out from the noise, meet the customers in their moments of need, and deliver a more personalized experience.

How Sycorax Systems Can Help You:

  • Get more leads, close more deals, and boost revenues throughout your business
  • Deliver an innovative customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Streamline processes for faster resolution to customer problems
  • Automate marketing activities, improve collaboration between sales & marketing teams and build 1-to-1 customer journeys
  • Improve efficiency and get better insights by eliminating manual processes and data gathering
  • Connect with your customers, partners, and employees and address concerns faster for customer excellence
  • Deliver a better and unified commerce experience for your customer