Salesforce Pardot

Communication is of major importance throughout the complete sales cycle. In a highly competitive industry you should approach your customers and prospects in a personalized way and send out targeted messages. The Pardot marketing automation platforms allows marketers and sales to automate the marketing and sales cycle and simplify the Return on Investment (ROI) measurement.

We supplement your customer acquisition/demand generation initiatives through various end-to-end services using the Pardot platform.

Measure Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns via Pardot. Pardot reporting also allows you to monitor the results of your email, drip and social media campaigns. Another advantage of Pardot is that you can expand your reporting possibilities through third party connectors.

How Sycorax Systems Can Help You:

  • Strong Campaign Strategy consulting
  • Review of As-is Business Process
  • Solution Design & Set-up
  • Initiation onto the Salesforce Marketing Pardot
  • Define processes to move on to measurable results
  • Industry best practices implementation
  • Training on advanced techniques
  • Effective campaign management for Brand building
  • Personalized email marketing to drive exciting customer experiences
  • Content Development/HTML
  • Lead Scoring & Nurturing
  • Predictive, Personalized web recommendations
  • Data Management: Data Cleansing, Migration & Management
  • Tailored Automation through Programming