Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Marketing Cloud you can now drive more customer engagement, increase your ROI (Return On Investment), and build a great marketing for your brand.

The automation of the Customer Experience across any channel will make your marketing team  smarter and more productive. Marketers will better analyze, manage and optimize their current marketing strategy. This will give them more time to focus on their most  crucial Marketings tasks.

You will understand the needs of your customer.  You will be able to reach your customers across any device and any channel. This will build a strong relationship and customer loyalty towards your brand. With advanced personalization and dynamic content, you will reach your customers with relevant content and give them the best impression they can get.

How Sycorax Systems Can Help You:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Business Process Review
  • Solution Design & Set-up
  • Implementation of processes to get started with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform
  • Enabling to quickly begin driving measurable results
  • Empower using industry best practices
  • Train around advanced platform usage techniques
  • Brand building through effective campaign management
  • Drive excellent customer experience through personalised email marketing
  • Content Development/HTML
  • Lead Scoring & Nurturing
  • Personalised, predictive Web recommendations
  • Data Management: Data Cleansing, Migration & Management
  • Customised Automation through Programming
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Touch Program Automation