Different ways to integrate sap with salesforce

There are couple of options depending on how much work you want to do and how much infrastructure you want to manage.

  • 3rd Party Application – You can use something like Mulesoft to do the integration for you and let them handle it
  • Messaging Bus – You can use the Outbound messaging to send information from SFDC and the Enterprise WSDL to send information into SFDC
  • Custom WebService – You can write a custom webservice in salesforce and have 3rd party broker pull data from SFDC and push it back in via that service.  (This makes it easier to seperate out your business logic than using the Enterprise WSDL)
  • StreamingAPI – You can use the Streaming API to get data out of SFDC and then use the Enterprise WSDL or a custom web service to get the data back in
  • Lightning Connect – If SAP offers an OData you can use Lightning Connect to read the data from SAP.  And soon you should be able to do read/write with any OData endpoint that supports it.  With Lightning Connect you should also be able to write your own connector soon to communicate with remote objects regardless of if they support OData.

If I had to do an SAP integration I would either use a 3rd party to do the integration, or wait until OData read / write is supported.  It is worth noting that I don’t think Lightning Connect has had an official release set for the write portion, and it is an additional charge.